SCCOE Social Science Teach Collaboration 3

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Southern Poverty Law Center, Teacher Survey


Web Application: Textgrabbit

SCCOE Social Science Teacher Collaboration 2

Lesson plans developed for the Santa Clara County of Education on October 22, 2016.


Activity: Articles of the Classroom

Project: California Propositions Ad

U.S. Constitution Summary (Bilingual)


Grade K-3: The Golden Rule

Grade 2: The Right to Happiness

Grade 3: Letter to the President

Grade 4: Create a Preamble

Grade 5: The Constitutional Convention/Articles of the Classroom

Grade 6: The Influence of Ancient Greece and Rome

Grade 7: Government in Mesoamerica

Grade 8: Creating a Constitution

Grade 9: Religious Freedom and Protection

Grade 10: The Spread of Democratic Ideas

Grade 11: California & Federal Education Law

Grade 12: Social Media Presidency

SCCOE Social Science Teacher Collaboration 1

Resources from our collaboration with the Santa Clara County of Education on August 26, 2016.

Common Core Standards

Digital Media: Campaign Videos

Digital Media: Equipment

Digital Media: Podcasting

Digital Media: Resources

Framework Guides: Grades 6-8

Framework Guides: Grades 9-12

How High School Became a Thing

History & ELA: Freedom From Want

History, Art & Digital Media

Lesson Plans (English/Spanish): Grade 1-3


Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats


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World History: Technology, Science and Exploration

Students learn about technology and exploration preceding and during the time of the California Mission Period. Students work in teams to create a magazine that incorporates both historical information and current events. Standards focus on information reading and writing, as well as science and collaboration.

Technology: Marine Chronometer

Science: Smallpox Vaccine

British Exploration: Voyages of James Cook

Spanish Exploration: California and Scientific Expeditions

Maps: California Island

Project: Magazine


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California History: Mexico and Missionization

Students learn about the Ohlone by investigating observations from explorers, missionaries and government during the Mission Period. This culminates with an ethnography project. Standards focus on argumentative writing, reading/writing history, and analysis.

Ethnohistory: Ohlone

Ethnohistory: Missionization

Original Sources: Multiple Perspectives

Original Sources: Mission and Audio Records

Viewpoints: Mission System

Domain Knowledge: Ethnographic Research

Project: Ethnographic Study


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Culture: Student Projects

Students examine how native peoples have been historically depicted within culture. This unit provides narrative projects and art exercises, and opportunities to re-define stereotypes and perceptions. Narrative writing and collaborative standards are the focus, and this unit also incorporates visual art.

Visual Art: Expedition Illustrators

Legends, Myths and Stories: Creation

Field Trips: Murals, Museums and Parks

Literary Analysis: Yoscolo

Graphic Novel: Yoscolo


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