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At Seedlesson, we specialize in helping organizations like yours achieve their goals through influencer and sponsor outreach, online engagement, and donor messaging.


Influencers are an essential part of any successful campaign, and we're here to help you connect with the right ones. Our team will develop a communications strategy to identify influencers who align with your mission and can help expand your campaign's reach. We'll manage the entire outreach process, including email and social media communication, to ensure that your message is delivered effectively.


Corporate Sponsors

Corporate sponsors are another crucial component of crowdfunding campaigns. That's why we'll work with you to develop a communications strategy that matches your cause and goals with the right sponsors. We'll help you create compelling content and engage with your followers to keep them up to date with pledge updates and information.


Impact Stories

Impact stories are also an essential part of any successful campaign. We'll work with you to develop a communications plan that includes the stories of the people you impact. These stories will help build a personal connection with your audience and showcase the positive impact that your campaign is having on the world.


We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Let us take care of the outreach process so that you can focus on making a difference. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you reach your crowdfunding goals.

Communication Management

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