Our mobile toolkit provides a platform for individual and team based learning. It combines quality lessons, with easy to use collaborative spaces. Team views help students share knowledge and provide peer feedback.

Core Platform Tools

Online Lessons

Our lessons are more than just worksheets and paper. We curate educational videos, develop online assessments and create learning resources with students. Learn about lessons plans and our student collaboration model.

Team Workspaces

Students and teachers can work as peers in collaborative team workspaces. In these views, you can share resources, give assessment feedback and more. Our user interface design is based around social media ease of use, but with tools to ensure educational engagement.

Career and Digital Media Projects

Adapt our professionally designed step by step projects. Each includes related lessons, portfolio examples and integrated rubrics. Projects include web based businesses, documentaries, information websites, graphic design, and more.

Additional Tools

Library Manager

Save and organize lesson resources and add to student teams.

Student Team Reports

Generate reports on student participation, standards, assessments peer reviews and standards aligned assessments.

Task Manager

Launch successful projects by using the integrated and simple to use task tracker.

Web Clipper

Install our browser clipper tool to quickly add web content to your library and share with teams.

Contact us at to learn how to expand student learning through our toolkit and platform.

Our Seedlesson video and graphic design projects gave students the opportunity to learn and develop valuable tech-based skills in an engaging, supportive environment. Their team of student teachers and professionals is a welcomed and valuable addition to our high school diploma program.

Nancy Ng, Educator West Contra Costa Unified School District