Student Collaboration

Students guide our product features, learning programs, and the development of our software platforms. Our company provides internships and early career opportunities for students in all areas.

Content Development

Students develop original digital media including information graphics, web application tools articles. Their art, videos and writing are part of every lesson plan.

Lesson Evaluation

We work with a team of students, using online collaboration tools, to provide critical feedback for every lesson. Making them part of the lesson development process ensures your students will find the content valuable and useful.

Project Development

Before publishing our project based learning programs, students review and test our work. This ensures the activities are engaging and rewarding. See some recent student projects.

Software Development

The latest versions of our platform are being developed by a team recruited from Contra Costa Community College. We make every effort to find beginner software developers, and provide training and opportunities with our company and partners.


Our student advisory programs guide our recommendations for schools with implementing technology. They evaluate 3D printers, digital media software and more. This knowledge also guides our projects and lesson plan development. Their feedback is invaluable in ensuring only the best technology is part of your classroom.

Workshop Co-Teaching

Since 2016, we've partnered with schools to work with students and train them on communication and technology skills. They provide technical and co-teaching support in each of our professional development workshops. See our upcoming workshops.

Contact us at to learn about our student collaborations and school partnerships.

I think the program helped me open up and expand my dreams into ideas. They motivate you and help pursue your dreams. I'm glad I got to take part in it!

Jorge Gonzalez, Student Gateway to College High School, Contra Costa