Visual Art: Expedition Illustrators

Apolonio Valdovinos

Māori warrior

This engraving of a Māori warrior from Poverty Bay is from a drawing by artist Sydney Parkinson from October 1769, just days after the first European landing in... 93 words

Head of Otegoongoon, Son of a New Zealand Chief

Dance of the California Indians at the Mission of San Francisco

People of Chile

"A beautiful watercolor with much physiognomic and ethnographic detail. The upper portion contains full-length portraits of two Chilean men and a Chilean woman, while the bottom half has... 59 words

Indians of Chile

"This watercolor contains lovely bust portraits of a native Chilean man and woman. The man wears a characteristic conical hat and colorful shirt, while the woman has a... 60 words

Portrait of a New Zealand man

Head and shoulders portrait of a Māori man, his hair in a topknot with feathers and a bone comb, full facial moko, a greenstone earring, a tiki and... 46 words

Art: Louis Choris - (Hawaii)

Interior of a House of a Chief of the Sandwich Islands. Hand-colored lithograph. Artist: Louis Choris, after. Lithographer: Jean-Augustin Franquelin. From: Louis Choris, Voyage Pittoresque Autour du Mond…... 39 words

Louis Choris, Kamtchatka, Russia

Kadou, an inhabitant of the Caroline Islands

Profile portrait of Kadou, with a beard, wearing ear ornaments, and a shell neck ornament, he has tattoos around the top of his arm.1822. Lithograph, printed in green and... 33 words

Two Males of the Sandwich Islands

A depiction of two male inhabitants of the Sandwich Islands (Hawaiian Islands). 13 words

Louis Choris

Louis (or Ludovik/Ludwig) Choris (1795-1828) was a young Ukrainian artist living in St. Petersburg, Russia, when in 1815 he was chosen for a voyage headed by Captain Otto... 182 words

Sydney Parkinson

Sydney Parkinson (c. 1745 – 26 January 1771) was a Scottish Quaker, botanical illustrator and natural history artist. Parkinson was employed by Joseph Banks to travel with him on... 173 words