Ethnohistory: Ohlone

Apolonio Valdovinos


For three hundred years the different travelers to the Bay Area were extremely impressed With Ohlone skill in basket making. Langsdorf remarked on the ingenious weaving which made... 234 words

Tribal Divisions and Language

From the 1770's on there was a great deal of exploration, both on land and sea, of the coast of California. Many of these early travelers stopped at... 648 words


Although Choris writes that the Ohlone ate only rats, insects and snakes and were too "unskillful and lazy to hunt", other accounts bear witness to the fact that... 362 words


In addition to clothing, painting and tattooing were used for body decoration also, and, according to Beechey, as a means of clan distinction. Drake mentions the Ohlone as... 143 words


Featherwork was not confined to basketry; it was also used extensively in clothing and headdresses. Langsorf describes describes cloaks which were made of the feathers of waterfowl -... 376 words


The houses of the Ohlone are described in several of the accounts. Vancouver in 1790 describes them as being of conical form, 6 to 7 feet in diameter... 239 words


The amount of fish that was actually caught and eaten appears to have varied with the different tribes around the Bay. Writing during his short stop at present-day Mountain... 498 words


Rushes were also used by the Ohlone to make boats. These were described by Vancouver as "the most rude and sorry contrivances for embarkation that I ever beheld".... 196 words