Original Sources: Multiple Perspectives

Apolonio Valdovinos

Journal: Vicente Santa Maria

We saw on the slope of a hill that was in front of us a number of Indians coming down unhurriedly and in a quiet manner. From aboard... 1168 words

Interrogatorio of 1812 - Mission Santa Clara

*In 1812 the Spanish government sent an extensive questionnaire to learn about the local culture and society of its colonies. In 1814 Mission Santa Clara responded to this... 3173 words

Journals of Louis Choris

Early on September 20, 1816 (old style, October 2), we came within sight of the coast of New California. The land we first saw was what is known... 2256 words

Report of Hermenegildo Sal, Paymaster at San Francisco Presidio to Governor Jose Joaquin de Arrillaga

[S]ome eighteen months ago a mountain Indian, who had been called Charquin as a pagan, was baptized at Mission San Francisco. He didn't even remain at the mission... 157 words

Report from Lietuenant Jose Arguello to Hermenegildo Sal

In view of the report which I just received from Corporal Gabriel Moraga, commissioner of the pueblo of San Jose, that the pagan Indians of that vicinity have... 191 words

Report from Commissioner Gabriel Moraga to Lieutenant Jose Arguello, Monterrey Presidio

I give Your Mercy notice that, as a result of various trips made by the Reverend Father Manuel Fernandez, minister of Mission Santa Clara, to the villages neighboring... 278 words

Personal Narrative of Lorenzo, a Costanoan Indian Born at Santa Cruz Mission in 1819

I was born at the Mission of Santa Cruz, on Monday, the tenth day of August, 1819, and given the name of Lorenzo by Padre Ramon Olbez. Three... 2003 words