About Us

Seedlesson was founded to develop the highest quality curriculum and learning opportunities for all students. Our education consulting practice began in 2014, developing history lesson plans, teacher workshops, and student technology seminars. We have provided career, technology and digital media programs to over 200 California students and workshops for over 150 teachers.


Adrian Solorzano Intern & Student Curriculum Co-Developer

Adrian has worked on several projects, including evaluating affordable 3D printers and upgrading computer hardware. This summer, he reviewed our upcoming 3D printing curriculum. Adrian is entering his junior high school year.

Brian To Software Engineer & Curriculum Co-Developer

Brian began as a summer intern, just after graduating from Contra Costa Community College. He is responsible for the development of our software systems and platforms. At Seedlesson, he has developed skills in software development, Ruby on Rails, SQL database design and product planning.

Destiney Yenchay Digital Media Artist & Curriculum Co-Developer

Destiney began as a summer intern, just after graduating from Contra Costa Community College. Among many projects, she is responsible for our digital media curriculum research. At Seedlesson, she has developed skills in 3D printing, professional graphic design, and HTML.

Mariana Castro Education Researcher & Content Co-Developer

Mariana joined Seedlesson as a recent Summer Intern, just after graduating from Teacher’s College, Columbia University. She has been part of our company marketing team, helping to develop our website content. In addition, she has provided grant consulting and education research services.

Mora Golstein Curriculum Developer & Creative Director

Mora has taught every level of student, from first grade, to university, to retiree. She is also a professional media artist, working for international campaigns. She is responsible for all digital media career curriculum. At Seedlesson, she has co-developed our curriculum planning systems, developed teacher training materials, taught online digital media seminars, and created several of our digital media assets.

Polo Valdovinos CEO, Teacher & Curriculum Developer

Polo is a certified California CTE teacher. He has led workshops for students in public, charter, adult education and juvenile hall schools. He began his career in educational publishing in 1995, digitizing college textbooks, and has worked in information technology ever since. He is responsible for developing school partnerships and teaches in local schools. His students directly influence the direction of the company, through advisory groups and internships.

Raul Garcia Curriculum Researcher & Co-Developer

Raul works for clients around the world, providing technology and marketing support services. He has been responsible for testing our digital media curriculum. In addition, he has developed a web software extension, to help teachers and students create digital history timelines. Raul is also part of our marketing team, providing social media outreach services.

Privacy Policy

We meet and exceed the requirements of the California Student Online Personal Information Protection Act. We do not sell or share data to other firms. We do not market products based on user generated data. Our toolkit includes reporting tools allowing each student to view and download their generated data. See Privacy Policy.

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Seedlesson was valuable in teaching us about how technology can support clothing design. We just completed an amazing project designing our own t-shirts. Their staff showed us how to make design easier and even set up an online store to display our creations. Way to go Seedlesson!